We also offer a chimscan service. From time to time we have customers who have concerns about the inside of the chimney and request the use of a chimscan. The outside may look fine but the inside may have endured some stress from the cold, lightning strikes or flue fires. The inside is commonly lined with terra cotta flue tile which at times can be fragile and not withstand certain stresses which subjects it to cracking. It is here we can employ the use of a chimscan to view the inside. A chimscan is very economical way to assess the inside of your chimney. Also specialize in chimney sweeping, chimney cleaning, chimney liners, chimney raincaps, and stonework. We are based in Johnstown, Pa. and service Altoona, Pa., Bellwood, Pa., Blairsville, Pa., Indiana, Pa., Somerset, Pa., Ligonier, Pa., Latrobe, Pa., Bedford, Pa., Ebensburg, Pa., Northern Cambria, Pa., which also includes Cambria, Somerset, Indiana, Bedford, Westmoreland and Blair counties in south central Pa. Call for a free estimate on a chimscan.

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